Thursday 2 August 2018

How To Accelerate Your Job Search & Get Results

Looking for work can be a lonely, stressful and overwhelming experience. Job Finding Clubs provide support, advice, and encouragement to job seekers as they work their way through the process. Professional clubs are facilitated by an experienced Career Development Practitioner who can structure the content to the needs of the group. The program can be delivered in a variety of ways, face to face and or virtually. With the growth and popularity of FaceBook groups and FaceBook live to deliver programming, it is becoming the platform of choice. The club duration can vary in length depending upon the structure of the group.

Job Finding Clubs can provide the following benefits to the job seeker:
  • Feeling less isolated - being in a group of fellow job seekers, lets you know that you are not alone.
  • Sharing information and job leads -  having a platform to share information and resources with others, as well as job leads that aren't a fit for you.  It feels good to pass along a job lead to another member of the group.  There is power in numbers, it is great to have the group on the lookout for potential opportunities for you. 
  • Expanding your network - by joining the group and actively participating you will be expanding your network. People refer people they like, know and trust.
  • Being accountable - setting goals and being accountable to yourself and to the group.
  • Establishing a Routine - following the job finding club activity schedule enables you to maximize the use of your time to get results.
  • Using technology as an intentional tool - learn how to use social media to help you in your job search. It is so easy to go down the rabbit hole and not accomplish what you set out to do when you access social media sites and the internet.
  • Learning and encouragement - life-long learning is a required skill in any position. Learning and applying the most current job search practices will set you apart from the other job seekers who are solely relying on job boards for their next opportunity. Receive and give encouragement as you work to reach your career goal.

Coming this fall, the Vets Job Finding Club!

Interested in finding out more about Job Finding Clubs?  Contact Elaine, a Certified Career Development Professional,

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