Sunday 18 February 2018

What is a Certified Career Development Practitioner, CCDP?

Career Development Practitioners advise clients on job search preparation and strategies. They can help you with specific challenges:

 identifying your skills and strengths
developing a resume and cover letter
creating a professional image on your LinkedIn profile
learning and applying networking strategies
preparing for job interviews

Career Development Practitioners work from the client’s perspective to identify your needs. They make recommendations to meet your employment goals. They can assist you in navigating the local labour market. 

Some Career Development Practitioners’ are qualified to assist you in identifying a new career direction. They use assessments and activities to find occupations that fit your employment goals.

The CCDP designation indicates that the Career Professional has met specific industry standards. CCPD’s must also commit to continuing education and follow a code of ethics.

Many CCDP’s are employed in the non-profit sector, such as the Nova Scotia Works Centres. There are private CCDP’s who serve clients for a fee. 

What Benefit is a CCDP?

A CCDP provides current career and job search information based upon your situation. Having an "Ally", saves you valuable time and helps you reach your employment goal. Like a personal trainer, a CCDP can keep you focused and on track. Getting professional advice is worth the investment to achieve your goal.

(graphic from Maureen McCann, Selling Career Services - what is the return on your client's investment, CPC article )

How to Find a CCDP?

Check with your provincial body for Career Development Practitioners to identify certified professionals. The national association, Career Professionals of Canada has a listing of Career Practitioners. Credentials can be verified by contacting the governing body. 

The Certified Career Development Practitioner (CCDP) designation indicates credibility. Like every profession, there are those that excel in their industry. CCDP’s may specialize in serving particular client groups. Getting a referral from another person provides information about service standards.

What to Expect from a CCDP?

Like the saying “You will get out of this, what you put into it. “ 

It is important that you take an active role in your career decision making and job search. There will be assignments that your CCDP will need completed to best serve you. 

Non-profit organizations offer career and job search assistance for free. There is a registration process and you will be assigned to a Case Manager. The Case Manager will meet with you and review your employment goals. They will work with you to develop an action plan. It is up to you to complete the agreed upon activities. The Case Manager may be a CCDP. Case Managers typically carry  a caseload of 100+ clients.

Private CCDP's may provide an initial free consultation. The Certified Career Development Practitioner will provide a service agreement outlining roles and responsibilities. Fees are charged for the agreed upon services. They will reserve the time to work with you, to achieve your career goal.


CCDP’s cannot guarantee your career success. Too many external variables affect a potential job offer. They can guarantee the development of competitive applications to be considered by employers. Putting your best foot forward -- sets you on the path to obtaining your desired career.

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