Tuesday 5 February 2019

7 Survival Tips for Working Remotely While Travelling

With the availability of the internet in remote countries and locations, you can continue to work and stay in touch with your customers and co-workers. If you are on the road travelling, these 7 tips can help make your work experience more efficient, effective, and successful:

  1. Check the electrical requirements of your destination country, make sure you have a 3 prong adapter for your laptop.
  2. Research the time difference, download a time zone app on your phone/laptop,  like Time Buddy to keep track of online meeting times, webinars, and other appointments. Pay particular attention if the time difference is 12+ hours which can push activities into the next day.
  3. Set up and test how you are going to communicate before leaving, download your chosen apps, like WhatsApp or Viber; set up and test your video communication like Zoom or Google Hangout.
  4. Always include your electronic devices in your carry-on luggage to reduce any possible damage or loss.
  5. When booking your accommodations, pay particular attention to the availability and quality of the available internet. Refer to recent reviews from sites like TripAdvisor to see if any recent guests commented on their internet experience. I would highly recommend including a travel router, also known as a portable WiFi router to help with poor internet reception. A backup plan could include purchasing an Internet SIM card.
  6. Schedule your work routine when you are the most productive. This will enable you to enjoy the sights and culture of the local area.
  7. Carry a pen and pocket notebook to jot down any critical information or use the note function on your cell phone.

Do you have any tips to add to my list or interesting travel/work stories that you would like to share?  If so, add them in the comment section below or send them to elaine@allycareersolutions.com    
Happy travelling......

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