Thursday 8 March 2018

7 Good Reasons to Hire A Professional Resume Writer

# 1. We take for granted what we know and can do. We are "unconsciously skilled", the Hierarchy of Competence learning model.

# 2. It is challenging to do a self-analysis of our skills, experience, and accomplishments.

# 3. We are taught that bragging about ourselves is not socially acceptable.

# 4. Creating an effective resume takes time and effort, and we live in an instantaneous world.

# 5. Deciding upon which format and what content to use in relation to your desired position.
This includes creating content using language employers understand.

# 6. Not being aware of current recruiting and job search trends.

# 7. Not having a second set of eyes for proofreading. Grammar and spelling mistakes are red flags for employers.

The front load time taken to do a self- analysis is time well spent. It provides the foundation for your marketing documents. It also assists in preparing you for the face to face interview. It is critical to know and be able to verbalize, what you have to offer an employer. Certified Resume Strategists use self-assessment tools to assist you with your skills identification.

Clients will often comment on their resume which we have created together, "Wow, this is me?" ... I ask them to verify that the content is accurate and that they can speak to every statement.

At the end of the day, you are responsible for the information contained on your resume. It is not a task you can delegate to anyone else, you need to be actively engaged in the collaborative process.

Making a positive first impression is the first step in a successful job search process. The resume is one vital piece of your marketing strategy, being invited to interviews is the goal. To put your best foot forward, it is beneficial to have a Certified Career Professional on your side.

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